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I put together a small, inadequate list of how the scribing blog love is spreading; check out these wonderful teachers:
Chris Harbeck's class blog hub (innovator par excellence!)
Ryan Maksymchuk's suite of class blogs (more scribing class blogs than you can shake a stick at!)
Derrick Willard's class blog
Jim Homan's Cathoilic Morality wiki
Mr. Marti's precalculus class blog
Reversearp's (an alias I believe) precalculus class blog
Mrs. Everard's AP Calculus class blog

Mathematics Framework

National Strategies, England


Math related images

20 Free Math Resources for Classroom Teachers

Are you looking for fun activities to engage your math students? Would you like interactive ways to explain difficult mathematical concepts? The resources you need are only a click away. There are tons of free online lesson plans, activities, and resources specifically designed to entertain and educate your math students. Here are 20 free math resources for teachers to explore:

Waikato Maths Advisor News
Australian Association of Maths Teachers
Link to their catalogue

Some links via Andrew Churches
1. Graph paper generator - This site makes graph paper to your specifications using a PDF generator
2. More graph paper generators - This site like the last one allows you to dial up your requirements and print as PDF
3. Download pre designed graph paper -
4. Mathematics worksheets anyone? Here is a site with free maths worksheets -
5. Understanding Mathematics through insight, concept and perceptions - Visual Mathematics
6. Spark Island -
7. Waldo maths -

XP Math

XP Math is a good place to find math games, math videos, math worksheets, and math e-books. The games section of XP Math offers games for basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and probability. Create an account on XP Math and you can keep track of your scores. In the teacher resources section of XP Math you can find eleven e-books about teaching mathematics. The highlight of the XP Math worksheets is 1001 Math Problems. XP Math's video section offers three videos, two of which are divided into six to ten segments a piece. These videos are geared toward an elementary and middle school audience.

Let the Summer Games Begin

Games and links from NCTM

Maths and Statistics

From Toni Twiss

Absurd Math

Absurd Math is an interactive mathematical problem solving game series. The player proceeds on missions in a strange world where the ultimate power consists of mathematical skill and knowledge. Many of the pages have hidden clues and areas. Anytime a player needs help, they may email our staff for assistance. We try to respond within two days. Teachers and parents, email us for answer keys.
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Welcome to Glosmaths. On the following pages you will find lots of useful information to support the learning and teaching of mathematics in Gloucestershire.
  • Courses - details of future maths courses and networks around the county.
  • Newsletters - what's happening in maths in Gloucestershire.
  • Resources - a whole load of stuff to help you in your maths activities.
  • Contacts - got a question? Get in touch.
  • Links - to other interesting sites.

Math Template Library

Graph Paper

GraphPaper is a simple online utility that lets you make your own graph paper pages. It lets you generate and download graph papers in PDF format. You can customize document size, page borders, grid line weight, grid spacing and color. When you are done click “Download PDF” to save the customized graph paper to your computer.

Mathematics Learning

A blog sharing strategies of teaching/learning mathematics. Use the index to find useful ideas and materials!

Pascal's Pyramid

The Math Page

Tarsia Software

With this software you will easily be able to create, print out, save and exchange customised jigsaws, domino activities and a variety of rectangular card sort activities. The activities created using this software can be presented in printable form, ready to cut out.

Formulator Tarsia known earlier as Formulator Jigsaw is an editor designed for Teachers of Mathematics creating the activities in a form of jigsaws or dominos etc for later use in a class. It includes the powerful equation editor for building the math-expressions for the activities. An advanced feature of text placement along the side of the shape makes this tool irreplaceable software for fast activity creation. Formulator Tarsia became a powerful tool for learning activities since it supports the activity templates. It enables easy support of teachers and gives them new perspectives to development of their teaching activity.
Mathed Up! Lots of Tarsia downloads here

Maths Net

Download maths software

MAP Math

Links to all strands

Middle School Math Matrices

The matrices are a series of online tables of electronic and technology resources supporting California middle school math content standards for grades 6, 7 and Algebra 1.

Middle School Math Project

Grade 6 Math Technology Resources - Click on the individual chapter to view and download the resources.


253|Russel Montgomery's Bookmarks]]=

EMaths for Teachers

Links for Key Stage 3 and above

NPH Links (UK)

Lots of links here

Using ICT in Maths

The resources avaliable on this site are grouped into projects. Each project focusses on a particular aspect of using ICT in a maths classroom. The two current projects focus on using interactive whiteboards with two different software packages, MS Excel and Pro/DESKTOP.
It is best to view the projects from these web pages as there is information about the resources. The resources are also organised into sections and easily accessed. It is possible to download all of the resources through the Resources page.

Kangaroo Maths

Resources aimed at Secondary Curriculum (UK) but some good investigation activities!

Essex Grid for Learning

This is the Mathematics Curriculum home page. Here we will find pupil and teaching resources to help deliver mathematics into the classroom. Links to aricles, planning and activities.

Mr Barton Maths

A treasure trove of free maths gems for pupils, teachers and parents
The aim of this website is to get everybody enjoying their maths a bit more. Whether you are a teacher looking for a fancy resource to spice up your lesson, a pupil looking for a different way to understand a topic, or a parent wanting to get involved in your child's learning of maths, then hopefully will have something for you!

Topical Applications of maths (UK)

Puzzle Index

Resources listed under strands and topics within these

Maths Centre
Resources listed by topic within strands

Math Mistakes
Real Mistakes from Real Student Work and Math Facts Students Should Know
Your Resource for Stronger Math Skills

COUNTDOWN is a challenging interactive television math program which has engaged tens of thousands of students through broadcasts on cable television in Chicago.
More than three hundred different COUNTDOWN programs have been broadcast exploring topics many elementary students might not see in their classrooms such as logic, perimeter, area, probability, graphing, congruence, integers and much more.

Brain Power Math
If you are a teacher who cares about your students and would like to see them do better at math then the following information can help you. By combining your teaching skills with the latest e-learning technology you can give your students unprecedented learning and study support in math.

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News and Ideas for Teachers and Learners of Maths

Math Fairs
A SNAP math fair is a non-competitive event that gives teachers an opportunity to have their students do problem solving with a particular goal in mind. The math fair can be adapted to almost any curriculum and set of standards, and it will motivate and inspire all of the students.
This website describes what a SNAP math fair is, how it differs from a conventional science fair, and why it works so wonderfully.
Math in Daily Life
Join us as we explore how math can help us in our daily lives. In this exhibit, you'll look at the language of numbers through common situations, such as playing games or cooking. Put your decision-making skills to the test by deciding whether buying or leasing a new car is right for you, and predict how much money you can save for your retirement by using an interest calculator.

Megan W Taylor Math Resources
Links to Conference & Workshop Resources

Mr L's Math
A Math rich blog!

NRich - Maths Enrichment (UK)
On this website you will find thousands of our free mathematics enrichment materials (problems, articles and games) for teachers and learners from ages 5 to 19 years. All the resources are designed to develop subject knowledge, problem-solving and mathematical thinking skills. The website is updated with new material on the first day of every month.

Computing Technology for Math Excellence
Computing Technology for Math Excellence is devoted to resources for teaching and learning mathematics (K-12 and calculus), technology integration, and the standards movement in education.
Projects, Resources, Software, Methadology

Chris Harbeck's Maths Classes

Scribe posts, growing posts and blogging in maths explained

Wolfram MathWorld
the web's most extensive mathematics resource
Applied Mathematics
Calculus and Analysis
Discrete Mathematics
Foundations of Mathematics
History and Terminology
Number Theory
Probability and Statistics
Recreational Mathematics

Web-Based Resources for Mathematics:
Tools and Activities for Teaching and Learning. A vast number of resources for teaching mathematics in the elementary and secondary grades are now available on the Internet. Many of these resources are available for free. The resources discussed in this document are web-based tools and activities for teaching and learning mathematics.

Free Maths Worksheets

Math-Drills.Com includes over 6000 free math worksheets with answer keys.
Multiplication | Addition | Subtraction | Number Sense | Multiple Operations | Money | Division | Fractions | Integers | Decimals | Powers of Ten | Graph Paper | Geometry | Algebra | Order of Operations | Base Ten Blocks

Hot Potatoes (free to education users)
The Hot Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web. Requires a free registration process.

6th Grade Skills
Interactive sites to use for assessment practice.

Sixth Grade Standards
Links to activities to help achieve standards
Seventh Grade Standards

Middle Years Course Materials
There are some useful performance task activities here

Mathematics Development Continuum
An Australian link

Grade Seven Matrix
The matrices are a series of online tables of electronic and technology resources supporting California middle school math content standards for grades 6, 7 and Algebra 1. Ther are links within each grade level to activities & resources.
The site also has Middle School Math Resources - A series of online or downloadable CST and CAHSEE resources, including blueprints, sample questions, student and teacher guides for all middle school grade levels; CTAP Region IV favorite online resources; and an extensive collection of resources for differentiation of instruction.,

GeoGebra Wiki
This is the main page of free teaching materials created with GeoGebra. Links to Middle School Math and higher with free lesson / activity pdfs. Middle School has Geometry & Algebra links.

Math Webquests

Targeted Implementation and Planning Supports
Canadian site with PDF downloads

TIPS: Targeted Implementation & Planning Supports offers educators a comprehensive approach to planning and implementing Grades 7, 8, and 9 Applied Mathematics curriculum.

7th Grade Math