Earth Pulse 2010 Vital Statistics Interactive Map

National Geographic recently released their Earth Pulse State of the Earth 2010 features. Earth Pulse is comprised of essays, photo galleries, links to additional resources, and an interactive vital statistics map. The Vital Statistics Map allows users to view mapped displays twenty different sets of statistics. The data sets cover topics including population change, population migrations, and resource consumption. Users can select two data sets to compare on one map.external image Picture+12.png


You can compare cost of living internationally. It was created by Google Ireland’s ex employee Banja Luka. The site currently holds data for 293 major cities worldwide, and presents you detailed reports reflecting prices in areas such as Market, Transportation, Utility, Rent Per Month, Buy Apartment Price, Salaries, Restaurants and Financing.
Additionally to comparing, you can view cost of living by countries, see rankings by city, check out property marked index and cost of living index. Moreover you can contribute to the site and add information for your city

external image numbeo1.png

Sixteen Option Spinner

This online spinner lets you customize it with sixteen options. The spinner is random and removes the option once it has been landed on.
Triptico has other customizable spinners, choose the spinner that best fits your activity needs. Four Option Spinner, Probability Spinner (This one automatically records the results as students spin.), Eight Option Spinner, Role Chooser, Eight Number Spinner (not customizable).

Interpreting Information

This website, Information Is Beautiful, gives a variety of visualisations of data, information etc which coul dbe useful when looking at interpreting data in statistics.

Mean, Median Explained

The definition of median and mean and the difference between the two terms is poorly understood by many people and while in many data sets, there is only a marginal difference between the two from a practical standpoint, there is sometimes a stark difference between the two.


Upload and explore data.

What Are the Odds of Losing Your Lunch? - A Probability Adventure

Math 247

Scratch - K-7 Probability and Statistics

You do NOT need to install Scratch to use these files

== but it's free and great so here's the link: Get Scratch

You do need the standard JavaSun Player to use these files

== it's free too.

Coins and Dice

A probability simulation


Data and Probability Games

The Mathematics of Magic

A study in probability, statistics, strategy, and game theory

Statistics Links

Chart Advisor

external image chad_preview2.png
Chart Advisor is a prototype that provides an alternate approach for creating charts in Excel 2007. This add-in uses an advanced rules engine to scan your data and, based on predefined rules, displays charts according to score. Top scoring charts are available for you to preview, tweak, and insert into your Excel worksheet.

5 Best Data Visualization Projects of the Year

Data visualization continues to grow online and in the real world. It exists as masterful art pieces and amazingly useful analysis tools.

Froot Loop Worksheets


GeoCommons Finder

Open the world's data - lots of categories


Online charts made simple

Online Charts Builder

Edit Grid - Online Spreadsheets

Resources for Teaching Statistics in Middle School

we offer lesson ideas on Teaching the Basics, those core statistical concepts to be covered in the middle school curriculum, such as the mean and the median, box-and-whisker plots, and scatter plots. Tools for Displaying Data supports this teaching. This section contains applets for creating representations of data, meaningful “pictures” that capture the data visually.

Stem and Leaf Plots

Thematic Mapping Engine

Thematic Mapping Engine (TME) enables you to visualise global statistics on Google Earth. The primary data source is UNdata.
The engine returns a KMZ file that you can open in Google Earth or download to your computer.


Graphsy is a new graph drawing application for the Web with a focus on usability. It allows you to access graph projects from anywhere, all you need is a web browser. It is currently in the alpha stage of development with more features added all the time.

Mean Median and Mode

Mean Median and Mode

From Sargent Park Math

Survey Monkey

Roll Two Dice

This could be useful for probability exercises or investigations

Exploring Data


Introduction to Probability
A short tutorial with interactive questions from Mrs. Glosser’s Math Goodies. See also: Rolling a Pair of Dice, Conditional Probability, and the Challenge Exercises.
Combining Probabilities
When more than one thing is happening in a probability problem, how do you know whether to add the probabilities or multiply them? And what happens if the events are not mutually exclusive?
Math Club: Counting 101
In order to master probability, you must learn to count. There is more to it than simply 1, 2, 3! Check out as many of these links as you have time for, and you will be well prepared for the test.
Puzzle: Random Blocks
If you are brave, test yourself with the puzzles in this post. Don’t read the comments until you have tried to answer the questions — but then, be sure to read them and be encouraged. We math teachers don’t always get the correct answer right away, either!

Lovely Charts

Online diagramming tool