This page has links to interactive Maths games, puzzles and activities you can try when you have finished class work. There are other games listed under the strands on the sidebar.

6th Grade Maths Games

Manga High Games

Math Games + Fun = Learning

Math games make learning Math fun. When we are having fun, we are more open to learning. When we are having fun, we want to keep doing whatever we are doing.
Imagine having a child beg to practice some aspect of Math!
Pull out a great Math Activity and kids of all ages lose their Math inhibitions and happily engage in even complex mathematical tasks. Talk about motivation!
Math games are for everyone. Whether a student does well or struggles with Math, Mathematical games teach new concepts and provide lots of opportunity to practice. A good game allows people with all levels of skill to participate together.

Game of Online Hex.

If you’re looking to play Hex on paper, check out the Friday Afternoon Lifesaver article: **The Game of Hex**.

Playing games can be a fun way for students to practice and develop their knowledge of basic facts. If you are looking for some mathematics games for your students, these are five sources you may want to explore.

1. Learning Games for Kids offers games for mathematics as well as many other content areas. Most of the games on Learning Games for Kids can be played directly on the website although some do link out to other sources.

2. Learn With Math Games is a site that I like because it offers online games as well as PDF templates for games that teachers and students can play in their classrooms. Learn With Math Games is organized by grade level and by mathematics topic.

3. Maths Week 2009 is currently underway in New Zealand. On the Maths Week website, developed by Etraction, you will find fun and challenging mathematics games. Most of the games deal with money and finance.

4. Gamequarium developed by Diana Dell (a great person to follow on Twitter by the way) offers an excellent catalog of mathematics games and video demonstrations of mathematics functions.

5. Primary Games offers a collection of mathematics games as well as games for other content areas. You can grab some of the games on Primary Games and embed them into your own blog or website.

5 Cool Free Internet Games for Kids That’ll Make them Love Math


Mend The Number Square

Math Lines xFactor 12

What’s the Point?

Math Flash cards

XP Math Games

XP Math Games Arcade
XP Math Games Arcade

NCTM Standards-Based

Racing Along the Number Line

A good game for integers

Math Attack

Dimension M - Where There's Power in Numbers

DimensionM™is an immersive video game world that engages students in the instruction and learning of mathematics. Pre-algebra and algebra objectives are covered through a series of missions that bring math into a world that today's students understand. Students become so captivated in solving problems that they forget they're learning but they don't forget what they've learned. Free Signup.

The Fruit Game

The All New Fruit Game is a 100% fair and square game. Honest! You can go either first or second. If the computer continues to beat you every time, it's only because it is programmed so perfectly, not because of some sort of trick.
Quick Rules
On the table before you sit several piles of fruit. Players alternate (take turns) removing fruit from the table. On your turn, you must pick one kind of fruit (lemon, peach, orange or banana) and remove at least one of them from the table. The object of the game is to remove the last fruit from the table.


Our aim is to provide simple, fun, competitive games that help children learn and gain confidence with Maths, English and other key skills and knowledge.
Tutpup is a new site where students can compete in math or spelling games against other students from around the world anonymously — either with a made-up name or no name at all.
Tutpup has multiple levels of play to choose from going from extremely easy to extremely hard. This ability to choose your level helps a lot.

Cool maths 4 kids


A game about money

What's Up in Finance

Online games about using finance

Electro City

This game has been created by Genesis Energy. If you are going to play it, you need to create a spreadsheet to keep track of your costs etc. ElectroCity is a new online computer game that lets players manage their own virtual towns and cities. It’s great fun to play and also teaches players all about energy, sustainability and environmental management in New Zealand.

Digital Learning Objects

This is a NZ education site. Our username is tata123 - you will need to get the password from me.

NZ Maths Bright Sparks

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

There are a variety of games here up to Grade 12

Interactivate Activities

More games in a variety of strands. You need Java for these. Some of them are quite difficult!


A variety of interactive games.

Mathematical Interactivities - Puzzles, Games

This is a short list of some of the interactivities I have made available to play online from my websites

wickED Maths Stuff Interactives

This is a NZ site - some of the games are probably too easy for some of you!

Maths Wheel

This website from the BBC features interactive activities designed to develop and maintain mathematical knowledge and skills. It includes number, algebra, geometry, and statistics activities.

Questacon Maths Centre

This website contains a selection of puzzles created by the Australian Questacon Maths Centre. Students can attempt the interactive mathematics problems on the website or complete a remainder of the puzzles offline. Hints and solutions are provided.

BBC Games

A variety of interactive games - obviously you will need to click on the 11-16 year search!


You can search by topic or grade level for interactive games

Internet Math Web Sites for Students and Teachers

A variety of games and puzzles

CoolMath Games

This is a very 'busy' site but it does have some difficult challenges

Interactive Websites

Just click on Maths to get a large selection of interactive games

Mr. Nussbaum

This site, created by a grade-four teacher, has many creative and fun games in math, language arts, science and social studies. It's designed for grade 1 to 8th. You need to register to play these game


Interactive games for all curriculum areas

Woodland Games

Free interactive games all on one site, safe for kids and easy to navigate.

Johnnie's Math Page Interactive Math Applets

Interactive Maths games

Primary Interactive

Goodnoe Elementary School | Math Moments

A variety of maths games

MathSite: An Interactive Source

Ambleside C.E. Primary School

Online Multimedia Educational Math Games

Links to games and interactives for all curriculum areas

Eighth Grade Math

Welcome to Math Playground

Welcome to Math Playground, an action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun!

Computer Lab Favorites |

Count On

A maths

for interactive games, flash cards etc


for cool cats!


site that teachers use, lesson plans and materials, find numeracy project information for home here.


Interactive Math and Science Simulations


Fun Games

For ages 9 - 12

Rolling Block Mazes


Mouse to control.
Another puzzle game remake. The objective is to push/pull all the blocks to their corresponding lights.

Lunar Lockout

Math Arcade

Math Hunt

external image home_math_hunt.jpg

Math Moves U