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Learn Your Tables

is a neat little site for students to use to learn and develop multiplication skills. The site offers two basic games on two different levels. The most basic game is a simple drag and drop activity in which students match equations to their correct answers. The more "advanced" game has students enter the correct answer to a multiplication question. The easier of the two levels only contains problems from one multiplication table while the more difficult level contains problems from multiple multiplication tables.external image Picture+4.png

Multiplication Tool

is an online math study tool that helps students master the “art” of multiplying several digits. This website should help children improve on this essential math skill which can benefit a lot in tackling more difficult number problems. To start, you can solve a problem displayed on the website, generate a new problem, or select a new difficulty level. Then choose the method that you want to use. You can drag the numbers to the blank squares to complete the equation. The Multiplication Tool will drill students on three common methods: Standard, Partial Products, and Lattice. Each method includes an explanation for both teachers and students. You can then solve various problems using these methods. This way, the student can better understand how multiplication works by learning the method that they are most comfortable with.

2010 Mathematics Game

Use the digits in the year 2010 to write mathematical expressions for the counting numbers 1 through 100.
  • All four digits must be used in each expression. You may not use any other numbers except 2, 0, 1, and 0.
  • You may use the arithmetic operations +, -, x, ÷, sqrt (square root), ^ (raise to a power), and ! (factorial). You may also use parentheses, brackets, or other grouping symbols.
  • You may use a decimal point to create numbers such as .1, .02, etc.
  • Multi-digit numbers such as 20 or 102 may be used, but preference is given to solutions that avoid them.
Bonus Rule
You may use the overhead-bar (vinculum), dots, or brackets to mark a repeating decimal.

NumberGossip: Lists Interesting Facts About Numbers

If you are fascinated with every bit of information about numbers, then you should check out Number Gossip. This fun website shows you everything you want to know and lists interesting facts about numbers. Just enter a number in the search box to know its unique and common properties. You will also get a set of trivia and math facts associated with the number. Some of these properties include words like abundant, automorphic, apocalytpic power, Google, tetrahedral, vampire, and more. However, Number gossip only works up to the number 9999.
external image image_thumb125.png

What's Special About This Number?is an interesting list of facts about numbers. Every number on the list is accompanied by a description of what makes that number unique. In most cases the description contains a link to a further explanation of the terms used in the description. For example, 127 is a Mersenne prime, click the word Mersenne to learn what a Mersenne prime is.

Mudd Math Fun Facts
This archive is designed as a resource for enriching your math courses and nurturing your interest and talent in mathematics! Each Math Fun Fact is a math puzzle or short article that contains a cool mathematics idea. You'll can learn about the mathematics of things like card shuffling to poker to computer vision to fractals to music, just to name a few. This makes great enrichment material for gifted math students or problem-solving groups.

Basic Facts

As with most things in life, it’s best to start with the basics - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Grey Olltwit’s Times Tables is a sweet British-made program that will take you from the beginning right to the very end. It tests you along the way and you even get a certificate of achievement when you complete it. Why the program has an elderly man standing around in his Union Jack boxer shorts is a bit of a mystery, but at least it will take your mind off the multiplication.

Math Ninja is a bit cheesy, but that doesn’t mean it won’t help you learn. It covers all the basics - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - and lets you play at 8 different levels. The program’s pearls of ninja wisdom will keep you motivated, and by the time you are able for level 8’s calculations, you’ll have number skills to be proud of.
Math-A-Maze is definitely one to try AFTER you have revised the basics. It isn’t crazy difficult, but does require concentration and logical thinking. You are given a maze of numbers and mathematical signs and a goal. You then have to arrow key through the maze so that by the time you get to the other side, the number you are left with equals your goal. For a small program, there are actually a lot of options and, best of all, it comes with plenty of tips and solutions.

Practice Fish - Multplication

Moles - Multiplication

Multiplication Puzzle

Moon Maths - Multplication

Mad Minute Math - Multiplication

This site contains the techniques, tips, and secrets used by master teachers

Addition and Subtraction Powerpoints

Number and Computation Games

The Game that is Worth 1,000 Worksheets

Adders - Basic Facts Game

Multiflyer - Tom Barrett's thoughts on Multiflyer

Fact Dash

Multiplication: Interactive Games
Games designed to help you learn your times tables

wickED - Maths Games
A NZ site - Play these exciting mathematic games to improve your basic fact recall.

Multiplication Do you need help to learn times tables or to get to grips with multiplication? The activities on this page may be useful for you to try at home. There are a lot of different links to online times tables games, interactive games etc.

More Times Tables practice

Multiplication Practice

Visual Multiplication Game

Two player addition
Play this game against a friend.

Maths is Fun Interactive Times Table Practise
Choose either a times table or a mixed set of tables to practise.

Solve multiplication Qs to move around the solar system. Gives you a printout of your progress.

Factor Game
Play this game against a friend. Pick a number and the friend has to then pick factors of that number from the grid to get points. A very strategic game.

Multiplication Matho

Adrian Bruce's Maths Page
A page with a variety of Maths games and practice but the first few are aimed at basic facts skills

Crickweb | KS2 Numeracy


Timez Attack
is one of the best free downloadable math games around. A cross between Quake (without the violence) and Myst, players must solve multiplication equations to defeat monsters and get around the cave.

"It is a downloadable game for PC or Mac. I downloaded the free base version. The full version has the same basic facts learning but without the extra levels of complexity. This maths game would really appeal to my gaming Year 4/5 boys. It is really built like the old game Wolfenstein 3D game without the killing. Every now and again you come across an ogre that you neutralise by knowing your tables. I was very impressed with the graphics and the attempts to build number knowledge as well as straight recall. Give it a go. I am sure you will be hooked."
external image 20080803-f5megcyj5jx6bbws584awrw1ys.preview.jpg
There is an awesome game called Timez Attack that does wonders for practicing the 2 through 12 multiplication facts.
The designers of the game wanted to make math practice fun, so they designed a real video game with a great environment, graphics, and monsters you defeat by knowing your multiplication facts. And as their service to kids everywhere, the full functioning base version of the game can be downloaded for free. If you want to upgrade to the full version, you get extra graphics and worlds to practice your facts.

Arithmetic Quiz - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

Broken Calculator

Addition, Subtraction and Division Games
These games are designed to help review your facts for addition, subtraction and division.

Order of Operations and Integers

From Sargent Park Math

Part 1, Equation Search

Equation Search can be used with many different levels of students. Its primary goal is to increase number sense while allowing students to make critical transition steps toward the algebra domain. Students are given a grid of numbers and asked to find at least three numbers in a row (no going around corners) that make a mathematical equation. Some examples are in the graphic below. Students are quite competitive with this activity, and some kids try to find the longest equation possible. A usual assignment asks students to find 50 or 75 equations.

This site contains the techniques, tips, and secrets used by master teachers!

Table Extender is a multiplication game that gives students a challenging multiplication problem and asks them to drag the problem on top of the correct answer. Students are timed as they go through the various challenges.

How to integrate Table Extender into the classroom: Table Extender is a good way to get students practicing their multiplication. It makes them think quickly and attempt to beat their own fastest times. Split students into teams and take turns sending students to the interactive whiteboard to solve the problems. This mini-game would also make for good practice as a computer center in the classroom.

Tips: There are three different levels of Table Extender for students to work on.

Number Worksheets

Make 5

Make 5 is a fun interactive tic-tac-toe type game (it actually reminds me of Connect 4) that I learned about this morning on Twitter from @annemarie80. This game is a great way for students to practice math facts and to recognize relationships between numbers. Students are given a target number, they choose an equation on the grid that equals the target number. The goal of the game is to get 5 squares on the grid in a row in the least number of tries. The game has several play options; students can play the game with one or two players, set up the game to get 5 or 3 in a row, and can play to practice addition, subtraction, or multiplication.

Place Value

Mr G’s Place Value Chart

is a great mini-site to teach students about place values. The chart has a thousands, hundreds, tenths, and ones column. Students can drag counters up and down the chart to create numbers. Every portion of the Place Value Chart can be hidden from view depending on what you are using the chart for.

How to integrate Mr G’s Place Value Chart into the classroom: The Place Value Chart is an excellent visual manipulative to teach students about place value. Each time a student moves a counter, the number at the top of the screen adjusts accordingly. Use the Place Value Chart to teach your whole class with an interactive whiteboard. Call students one at a time to adjust the number with counters. Encourage students who are at their seats to observe how the numbers change. Hide the number at the top and have students move counters and say what the number is aloud as a class. This is also a great mini-site to set up as a math center in the one or two computer classroom. As students are working on place value, they can visit the math center for a visual manipulative.

Tips: Hide the columns that are not being used to teach with so students aren’t confused by all the ‘extras’.

Bond Builder is a mini-game that gives students a ‘dot spotter’ that looks like a dice, students add the numbers on the dot spotter and drag it to the correct sum on a dial. They are timed as they drag the dot spotter cards to the correct location.

How to integrate Bond Builder into the classroom: Bond Builder is a fun basic addition or counting reinforcement game. This game could be played as a center activity in the one or two computer classroom or whole class with an interactive whiteboard. See who can get the fastest time and practice those addition facts at the same time!

Tips: There are two levels of dot spotters (really just different sets of dot spotter cards).


Math Worksheet Creator

Fraction Games Online

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Lesson


Fractions, Decimals, Percentages

Exploring Fractions

is an interactive way for students to learn about fractions. Students see the fractions represented graphically and numerically. As students change the numerator and denominator of the fraction, they see the graphic change accordingly.

How to integrate Exploring Fractions into the classroom: Exploring Fractions is a great interactive site to teach your students about fractions. This is a wonderful website to use with an interactive whiteboard for whole class fraction instruction. Invite students up to the whiteboard to take turns adjusting the numerator and denominator of the fractions. Have students observe the graphic changes taking place and describe the changes as a class. Exploring Fractions is also very useful as a math center on the classroom computers. As students are learning about fractions, they can visit the computer as a visual manipulation center.

Tips: All parts of the Exploring Fractions website can be hidden (hide the numerator, denominator, or graphic). This is a nice feature for having students “fill in” the missing information.

Equivalent fractions - a visual model of splitting the pieces further

There is a video with this post.

Fraction Flags

Who Wants Pizza? and Other Fun Fraction Activities

Visual Fractions

Intermediate Maths Websites

Fraction Games and Activities

NZMaths Learning Objects
You will need to use the Username (tata123) and the password to access this site

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives This is an American site which is similar to the NZ Learning Objects

Rainforest Maths
This is a great website - make sure you challenge yourself and don't stay with the easy options!

Teaching Fractions - Fraction Games and Fraction Activities

Super Fraction Sites - huge range of fraction activities

Funbrain odd fraction out

Soccer Fraction Shootout - Activities involving the four operations and with various levels of difficulty

Equivalent Fractions

What does it look like? - Get a visual on what a fraction looks like

Pizza Fractions - A fun way to learn about fractions

Flitting with Fractions - Simplifying Fractions

Communicating about Mathematics Using Games:
Playing Fraction Track

Fractions Unit Games & Activities

Converting Fractions
Interactive Games

Fraction Junction

IXL Math -Fifth-grade skills

Multiplying decimals, finding percentages, and more.


Integer Activities

From Sargent Park Math (Chris Harbeck)
Some Student Integer Poems

An Integer Adventure Story

Mel's Rockpile Theorem of Multiplying Integers

Multiplying Integers

Multiplying Integers and Ron's Rule

Multiplying Integers Part 3

Adding and Subtracting Integers

Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers at QUIA

Adding Integers with Virtual Manipulatives

Subtracting Integers with Virtual Manipulatives

Adding and Subtracting Integers at

The Integer Zone

Introduction to Integers at Math Goodies

Comparing and Ordering Integers at Math Goodies

Addition of Integers at Math Goodies

Integers and the Real World at Math Goodies

Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers by Math League

Line Jumper at Fun Brain - choose Hard, Really Hard, or Super Hard

Flash Cards with Negative Numbers — try addition and subtraction only

Integers: Operations With Signed Numbersreview addition and subtraction only

Mathguide’s Operations on Integers

Mystery Picture Math Game
Find out what’s behind these tiles. Click on the button with the problem then click on the result on the left
Builder Ted
Put numbers in order. Levels 2 and 3 have negative numbers.

MathCar Racing Game
Try to beat the computer by picking the expression that has the largest answer. You can choose the skill level and the operation to practice. Medium or Hard levels will give you integer practice.

Circle Zero
A puzzle involving adding positive and negative integers to sum to zero.
Circle 21
A puzzle involving adding positive and negative integers to sum to twenty one.
Number Line Bounce
Number line addition and subtraction game.
Arithmetic Four
This game asks the players to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers and integers. Choose difficulty level, question types, and time limit.
Explore Learning Gizmos
Interactive “Gizmo” illustrating addition of integers on a number line. Comes with exploration guide and assessment questions. By subscription, but has Free 30 day trial account.
Choose Math Operation Game
Choose the range to include negative numbers in this fun game to get practice in how to add/subtract/multiply/divide integers.
Space Coupe to the Rescue
By choosing a positive or negative number, the player controls the vertical position of a spaceship. If the spaceship reaches the same vertical position as a virus pod, the pod is destroyed.

General Number Games

Maths Square
Solve these maths square puzzles - different levels of difficulty.

Fun Brain Maths Arcade
Move through the different maths activities to complete this game. Can select the level.

The Maths File Game Show
Great games and printouts on different maths topics from the BBC

Maths revisewise
ReviseWise is aimed at upper primary children with interactive activities and printables.

Math Continuum
This site has interactives that explain different maths concepts and ask children to then complete problems. Excellent quality activities.

Powers of Ten

Powers of 10
Watch the video, play games - generally learn more about Powers of 10.


**The Secret World of Codes and Code Breaking**
**Breaking the Code – The Mathematics of Cryptanalysis**

Other Number Links

Number A Day
Mathematical Association of America’s NumberADay blog. Every working day, we post a number and offer a selection of that number’s properties.

Kids Online Resources

Lovett Mathcasts
Please click on the following links to access collaboratively-constructed, student-designed
review materials for building math skills!

Number Nut

Number Nut is a site all about math. Topics on Number Nut include: shapes and colors, numbers and counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, order of operations, dates and times, fractions, decimals, percent values, estimation and rounding, ratios, and money math. There is something for every math class here! Each topic gives an overview of the math concept (kind of like the break down students would find at the beginning of a new math chapter). This is followed by two interactives where students can practice their new found knowledge. Number Nut is standard aligned and has a great math glossary.

"What's special about this number" facts

Wiki created by Darren Kuropatwa

Teach R Kids Math
Elementary Number links

Watch and Learn Maths Clips
Mrs. Sunda’s Gifted Resource students have prepared small video clips about math concepts that will help you through. Maybe by hearing another student explain the process you will understand it better.

PiFactory Resources
The resources are used with a laptop and projector in my classroom. They do not need an interactive whiteboard (I do not have an interactive whiteboard). Many are designed to encourage pupils to work at the board, overwriting the projections.
They are mostly prepared using Excel 2002, Powerpoint and Geometer's Sketchpad.

The Tax Collector

external image the-tax-collector.gif
The Tax Collector is an activity that reinforces the concepts of prime and composite numbers in a game-type format. It pits the class against the teacher in a wonderful competition that results in increased knowledge of integer factors and multiples. Watch Mr. L demonstrate the game to you (and your students). You can then extend the game by using different Number Banks.

Prime Numbers from 2 to 999983

Triangular Numbers

Triangle Numbers
A short introduction to these number patterns. Also, check out Alexander Bogomolny’s explanation of the important formula for the nth triangular number,
T _{n}
T _{n}
Puzzle: Figuring Out Figurate Numbers
Join Alexandria Jones in exploring the triangular numbers and related formulas.
Triangular Numbers are Everywhere!
This worksheet from the IMSA Math Journal examines several examples of triangular numbers in mathematical problems. Can you figure out the patterns?

Celebrating Square Root Day
Have a rootin’ tootin’ Square Root Day
Prime, Composite, and Square Numbers activity
Free, printable Square Roots Worksheets
About the Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean Puzzle — a lesson plan prototype
81 proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem

Dojo Math

Dojo Math is a great little online game with a Ninja Lizard who spins, kicks and punches workout bags with the answers to math questions on them. If you click on the wrong one, the bag swings back and conks him in the head. Move over flashcards!
There are a great number of choices for math problems:
  • Counting: to 12 and skip counting 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
  • Addition: 1 digit, 2 digit, doubles
  • Subtraction: 1 and 2 digit
  • Mixed Addition and Subtraction: 1 and 2 digit, with 0’s, multiples of 10
  • Multiplication: factor through 12, 2 digit x 1 digit, multiples of 10
  • Division: to 12, to 12 with remainders
And there are great motivation elements:
  • Levels are timed.
  • You need meet the goal of problems answered correctly to move on to the next level.
  • You score points for everything you get right.
  • If you exceed the goal, you get bonus points.
  • You get speed bonus points for the questions you answer quickly and correctly.
  • You can also earn a perfect bonus.

Basic Skill Games

Indices Laws