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is a wonderful collection of real-life math challenges wrapped in a very entertaining and rich user interface:
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You begin by creating & customizing a character based on your role (student, teacher, parent), age, and gender. Although an email address is needed to save the character, you can skip that part and just play. Choosing the character allows the site to tailor the experience for you personally. You then scroll through some very elaborate scenes using the arrows on your keyboard:Where you will find a collection of challenges embedded into each scene. Clicking them presents a problem to solve:
To be sure, this isn’t gameplay (although there is a scorekeeping capability) – but the interface is very unique and extremely engaging. Feedback is provided immediately and the experience is very pleasing, especially due to the slick soundtrack, catchy graphics and fun animations. offers a Teacher’s section as well as an overview video that’s worth checking out. It’s not supposed to be an immersive gaming experience, but it delivers on its promise to engage kids with math challenges presented in contexts they care about. Check it out today!

NRich Maths Enrichment
This link is a dominoes activity. Enrichment activities chaneg each month.

Recommended Investigations
Links to all strands

Breaking Away From the Mathbook
Creative Projects for K-12

Interactivate Assessments
The Interactivate activities listed below are designed so that the user may keep track of correct responses, hence they are cataloged as "assessments". A number of these activities, the Connect Four type games and the Quizzes, also allow users to select difficulty levels and specific problem types, as well as set a time limit, allowing for further tailoring of the assessment to their abilities. The Connect Four type games are designed for two players whereas the other activities listed are designed for individual work.

Real World Math Problems & IT Enhancing Math
Algebra based

Algebra Project

New Dynamic Math Classroom

Powerful Ideas
More from the Dynamic Math Classroom

Math Activities
I've gathered together a few of what I think are interesting math activities that I created and used over the years. Feel free to use, as is or modified to fit your needs, any of the worksheets. Geared to High School but could be useful at Middle School level.

Absurd Math
Absurd Math is an interactive mathematical problem solving game series. The player proceeds on missions in a strange world where the ultimate power consists of mathematical skill and knowledge. Many of the pages have hidden clues and areas. Anytime a player needs help, they may email our staff for assistance. We try to respond within two days. Teachers and parents, email us for answer keys.
Nomean City
Nomean City
Nomean City is in Level -3 of the Absurd Math Dimension. A powerful being has been captured by a cult of pollution makers and you must help save this creature and the mathematical knowledge it holds.

Challenge of the Seven Cups
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Help I have Amnesia

A post from Mr H,Sargent Park Math Zone about Pythagoras.
I was supposed to start a new unit with you this week. I had a tragic accident on the ice yesterday. I slipped and bumped my head. I do not remember what I was supposed to teach you. Although I do remember my name, where I live and who all of you are (aliens I think!!)

All I have left are a few artifacts in my backpack and these movies had put into a blog post. Help me out. Can you figure out what I was going to teach you and teach me before I regain my memory.