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AIMS Puzzle Corner

The AIMS Puzzle Corner provides over 100 interesting math puzzles that can help students learn to enjoy puzzles and the mathematics behind them. The puzzles are categorized by type, and within each category are listed in order of increasing difficulty. The puzzles have have not been assigned a grade level appropriateness because we have discovered that the ability to do a puzzle varies by individual not grade level.

KenKen Puzzles
Invented by Japanese math teacher, Tetsuya Miyamoto, KENKEN™ allows you to test your puzzle acumen and improve your math skills at the same time.
Exclusively on, updated with 6 new puzzles daily.
Welcome to LenKen
KenKen Conundrum - Solution of Permutations on a 4×4 Grid

My latest puzzle love- KenKen

An article from CNET News

KENKEN™ Puzzles

Invented by Japanese math teacher, Tetsuya Miyamoto, KENKEN™ allows you to test your puzzle acumen and improve your math skills at the same time.
Exclusively on, updated with 6 new puzzles daily.

KenKen Puzzles – Six New Puzzles for You Each Day from 4×4 to 9×9

KenKen Construction - Building Puzzles in the Classroom

My classes spent part of the today creating their own KenKen puzzles. The enthusiasm and results exceeded my expectations.

Triple Nine Wall Clock - a Timely Student Math Challenge for Clockwatchers
Triple Nine Wall Clock - Answers for a Great Lesson Plan
Triple Nine Wall Clock - Student Work

The Knights Tour

A Knight’s Tour is a motivating activity/puzzle that works with both over and under achievers, promotes critical thinking and strategy, and is a great introduction to chess. It has multiple solutions, is self-assessing, and can be extended to an 8×8 grid involving magic squares.

Leonhard Euler’s 8×8 Knight’s Tour

Twins, an Exploration in Congruence and Symmetry

This activity provides the teacher the option to teach/reinforce the concepts of congruence, line symmetry, and rotational symmetry. Also available here are area, distance, and perimeter teaching opportunities.

Triples, Exploring Congruence and Transformations

Fun Math Blog
Making Maths fun and accessible!

Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics
The Bridges of Konigsberg, The Value of Pi ....

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The Ultimate Puzzle Site
Brain Food - Tricky Lateral Thinking Puzzles
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Web - Paint By Number
The Enigma Page These are very difficult brain teasers!

Maths Problem Solving - Adrian Bruce's site from Australia

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Tios on Solving Kakuro


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If you want to test your logic skills and have fun, then this is the right place! You can tackle some of my favorite brain teasers. The puzzles are sorted by category.