Scroll to the bottom of the Icosihenagon page for instructions on hardening these patterns to make ornaments or other decorative hangings.

3DVinci's SketchUp page

has some very good resource for mathematics teachers, particularly Geometry teachers. 3DVinci presents a collection of mathematics projects that students can do using Google SketchUp. If you've never used SketchUp, don't worry. 3DVinci hosts video tutorials that will show you everything you need to know to get started using Google SketchUp to teach mathematics.

Geometry Games and Resources Online

Elementary (gr. 1-5) Coordinate plane Middle (gr. 6-8) High school Books

Google SketchUp – Add Spice to Your 3D Geometry Lessons

Kalender: Make Your Own 12 Sided Calendar

Here is a web page where you can generate your own 12 sided calendar which can be printed out and easily assembled. The calendar year, language, week day, and file output format (PDF, PostScript.) can be customized as you like.
There are two types of calendars you can generate: Regular and Rhombic
  • Regular: Printed on a single sheet of regular paper.
  • Rombic: Printed on 3 sheets of regular of paper.
Clear instructions on how to fold each calendar type are also provided. Visit Kalender @

Tangram House

This online version of the Chinese puzzle lets students select a puzzle to complete and work with 7 tans (shapes) to fill the puzzle. The tans can be rotated, flipped, and dragged into place. The puzzles can be completed online or downloaded for free as an offline game.

Everything Geometry

From Mister Teacher - angles, triangles, circles and more


Free Printables of 3D Nets

The Geometry Junkyard

This link has heaps of geometry bits and pieces.

Hitting the Target
Learning Angles Through Sports

Hitting the Target was developed to assist Key Stage 2 students in learning about angles through the medium of sport. If you or your child are struggling with the idea of how angles are measured, whats the difference between right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles or how to guess the size of angles - Hitting the Target is for you!

Interactives - Geometry 3D Shapes
In the world around us, there are many three-dimensional geometric shapes. In these lessons, you'll learn about some of them. You'll learn some of the terminology used to describe them, how to calculate their surface area and volume, as well as a lot about their mathematical properties.
3D Shapes, Surface Area & Volume, Euler's theorem, Platonic Solids

Paper Polyhedra Collection

Go Geometry
Extension geometry links

Geometry Puzzles

Interactive Geometry
Over 600 interactive geometry activities!


Geometry Movies for the Smartboard

Geometry Games

Alphabet Symmetry

Symmetry in Nature

Geometry 3D Shapes

In the world around us, there are many three-dimensional geometric shapes. In these lessons, you'll learn about some of them. You'll learn some of the terminology used to describe them, how to calculate their surface area and volume, as well as a lot about their mathematical properties. INTERACTIVES

Geometry in 3D for Middle School Maths

Many students never really understand volume or surface area, although they can memorize the formulas and even apply them on tests. These resources have been selected with an eye to helping students enter into the concepts of volume and surface area through practical problems, hands-on experiences, and applets they can manipulate to actually see how these measurements are affected by change in a figure’s dimensions.

Rotating Houses
Rotate the building until you get the right side view.


Fit the pieces onto the grid to complete the puzzle



Resource Maths

Geometry links for interactive games etc

On these pages, you will find information about all aspects of tessellations, from their history and development to complete galleries of examples by David, Seth and the Master, M.C. Escher, the pioneer of the art. Also included are extensive workshops showing how to design and produce your own.

Key Stage 3 Maths
There is some useful extension Maths here. Many of the topics have interactive learning and practice activities.
Polygons | Using Graphs | Angles and Lines | Pythagoras
Trigonometry | Decimals and Place Value | Algebra | Simultaneous Equations

Baffling Crop Circle Equal Pi

Carved out in a barley paddock, this 50 metre-wide pattern is said to be a pictorial representation of the first 10 digits of pi, one of the most fundamental symbols in mathematics.

Symmetry in Nature

From - Symmetry is everywhere you look in nature. If you look at plants and animals, you will find that they have symmetrical body shapes and patterns. If you divide a leaf in half, you will often find that the one half has the same shape as the other half.
Below you will find several examples of how butterflies and plants are symmetrical in shape. If you're not sure how this can be, take some time to look at the diagrams below for a primer on symmetry in nature.

Alphabet Geometry

Platonic Solids

Math Wiki - Geometry

Math Open Reference

Plane Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Solid Geometry

Figures for Impossible Fractals

external image impossible-fractals-fig-1.jpg


GeoGebra is a free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus. It received several international awards including the European and German educational software awards.

Geometry - DyDan

Download problems - aimed at secondary!

Geometer's Sketchpad Resource Centre

Pythagorean Triples

Symmetry Explorer

Symmetry Webquest

Elementary Level

The Eyeballing Game

An interactive where you need to move the parts of a shape to make the one listed


Another interactive for geometry


Your own digital landscape
Ever wanted to create your own isometric pixel picture, but didn't know what the word isometric meant? Well, now you can fulfil your wildest dreams with Cubescape!

Tessellations Webquest

Imagine you are an applicant for a position at Ralph Lauren Home Collections. However, securing a position with Ralph Lauren is no easy task. What you have worked so hard for over the last four years, at The Phoenix College of Textiles and Design, is just within your reach. You are familiar with the company's quality products and have noticed the unique detailing and design of their bed and bath collection. You are fascinated by their geometrical and mathematical use of tessellations. How would you design a comparable tessellation? Where do you see repeating patterns in your surroundings? How do the patterns repeat? What are some other sources of tessellations?

Geometer's Sketchpad

Grade 7 GSP® Sketches

Grade 8 GSP® Sketches

Geometer's Sketchpad Files

Geometer's SketchPad Files and Scripts

Dynamic Geometer's Sketchpad

Geometer's Sketchpad Page

Activities for Geometer's SketchpadGSP Lessons


Geometer's Sketchpad Resource Centre

The Geometer's Sketchpad Activities (version 4)

Symmetry, Shape and Space with GSP

Lessons and Activities for GSP

GSP Activities

SketchPad Lesson Link

Get easy access to more than 500 Sketchpad activities and demonstrations for grades 3-12.

3-D Vinci

3-D Vinci is a math website that has a great free resources page for math teachers. The site has downloadable pdf lesson plans for using Google’s SketchUp to teach math concepts using designs such as tessilations. For students in grades k-12 3D Vinci has puzzles and mosaics that can be printed and solved. 3D Vinci has a YouTube channel where students can watch several ModelMetricks projects.

Which Side Are You On? Webquest
Are Polygons really important to your world?

Researching Symmetry and Transformations Webquest

Imagine Art Webquest
Patterns and Symmetry

Geometry & Measurement Resources

Geometry and Spatial Sense

Geometry 6 - 8 Web Links

Secondary Level

Conjectures in Geometry

Geometry Problems

Here Come the 123s Nonagon

Pythagorean Theorem Cut-Up

Here’s a puzzle that works anytime, but works especially well if your class is studying the Pythagorean Theorem. It will make a nice project as well for kids to make as a paper/pencil drawing or a computer project. From Mr L's Maths


Geometry in Motion



Interior angles of polygon with links to other polygon topics

Paper Models of Polyhedra

Polyhedra are beautiful 3-D geometrical figures that have fascinated philosophers, mathematicians and artists for millennia.
On this site are a few hundred paper models available for free.

Geometry Website

Polyhedron Modeler

PolyMod is a an experimental software program that allows the teacher to create 3-dimensional polyhedrons on the screen and view them from different angles. Then a polyhedral net, or template, can be printed out, cut, and glued together to form the polyhedron. Both regular and irregular polyhedrons can be created. Operations can be performed on the polyhedra, such as taking the dual or truncating them. You can even verify Euler's formula for each polyhedron. DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE

Tangrams and Other Dissection Puzzles