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Flexible Interactive Workbooks in Excel

This project focuses on creating resources for use in the classroom that will be flexible and interactive. Microsoft Excel is the basis for all of the resources. There are a number of advantages to using Excel. Firstly almost all schools already have Excel running on all of their computers, so no extra cost is needed. Excel is ideal for looking at number and data handling work, it is also possible to produce workbooks to investigate certain aspects of algebra and shape and space. Finally it is possible to create professional looking software easily using some of the basic features of Excel and using macros without much experience of Visual Basic.
The project is split into two main sections. The first is aimed at creating classroom ready resources that are flexible and interactive. It is hoped that each workbook will have a number of uses over a range of ages and abilities and that they can enhance the learning of students in the classroom.
The second section is aimed at empowering teachers to create their own interactive resources using Excel. This will be done through training, an Excel toolbox and interactive tutorial